Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
To be a large, strong, successful and inclusive cricket club that provide opportunities for junior and senior players of all ages and skills to have fun, play in successful teams, develop their skills and be the best they can be.

1) To be large: Continue focus on reaching out to young families to have their children participate in junior programs such as Milo In2Cricket, Under 10 and Girls cricket programs; continue or focus on developing the junior club; continue to encourage parents of juniors to play senior cricket.

2) To be strong: A strong club is a club that:
On field. Provide an environment where cricketers can play the best cricket they are capable of both as a team and individually;
Off-field. Proactive and responsive administration working together to achieve the clubs’ objectives;
Provide opportunities for junior and senior players to improve skills, increase fitness and learn how to improve their cricket. Ensure training sessions include a focus on all of these elements.

3) To be successful:
Maintain focus on First XI strength by:
Ensuring all players are happy and individual needs are attended to (within the realms of club and team comes first)
Providing a training and playing environment that is as professional and disciplined as can be expected of social cricketers.
Nurturing the next set of First XI cricketers, always with an eye on the future
Recruiting the best players we can to the club but ensuring that the right people are targeted
Increased focus on Second and Third XIs in order to:
Ensure the Second XI is very competitive and work closely with the First XI
Ensure the Third XI provides a focus for young player development and nurturing (e.g. with key senior players acting as mentors)
Ensure the lower grades are well run and have captains who provide all players the opportunity to contribute with bat, ball and ideas.
To be inclusive: Ensure that anyone who wants to play cricket for Nunawading can play cricket for Nunawading. Talent is not a criteria for selection. This is a great strength of ours and we want to keep it.