Play HQ Cricket ID resources to help parents and players register

Cricket Victoria has developed 3 x one-page documents to assist with Play HQ registration.

Cricket ID – Do this as soon as possible.

- You may have one already?
- How to obtain a Cricket ID?
- Parents create a Cricket ID and then their dependents/children are on their Cricket ID
- How to link your Cricket ID on PlayHQ
- How to claim the profiles on the PlayCricket app (parent and any dependents) using your Cricket ID (Note: can only occur after you have registered on PlayHQ)

Brand New Participant (Player, Team Manager, Coach, Volunteer or Official)
- Create your Cricket ID
- Create your PlayHQ account if you don’t have one
- Register as a Player, Team Manager, Coach, Volunteer or Official (Note: NCC Senior player registration is not live as yet)
- Link your Cricket ID

Parent Registering Dependents/Children
- Create your Cricket ID as a parent
- Create your PlayHQ account if you don’t have one
- Register New Family Member/child
- Register as a Player
- Link your Cricket ID will only occur once

There are also some videos and support articles that participants can see to show how to link and claim their Cricket ID
YouTube Video – 

Support Section –

Participant Registration
Participant Registration Video:

If anyone has any issues creating or linking their cricket ID or claiming their profiles on the PlayCricket APP, please go to the Cricket Australia Support website and submit a request or call them on 1800 CRICKET.
PlayCricket Support Cricket Australia:
We are all learning this new system, so I understand that it can be frustrating to have to go through all of these steps. Some steps may not be necessary if your child is already linked to your account via Basketball or some other sports.