Hi all,

Reaching out to those families who are considering playing Super 7s or Fast 9s cricket this season.

There will be many making the transition from Junior Blasters to Super 7s, which typically happens after 1-3 seasons of Blasters around the age of 7-9. This format has 7 per side, a hard plastic ball, a shorter pitch and all batters face the same number of balls.

We are planning on offering Super 7s cricket on both a Saturday and Sunday morning.

Stage 1/Super 7s

The next stage is Fast 9s where there are 9 players, moving to a hard ball, a longer pitch and when you are out, you are out. This is usually played up until the age of 10-12. If there is the interest we can offer Fast 9s cricket on a Saturday and Sunday morning.

Stage 2/Fast 9s

At this stage, if you can please register via this site: https://play.cricket.com.au/club/nunawading-cricket-club/e637cd53-8ad8-eb11-a7ad-2818780da0cc
Super 7s/Fast 9s/U12s $130

I would appreciate it if you can also reply to this email with your preference of stage (Super 7s or Fast 9s) and which day (Saturday or Sunday morning).

Andrew Siebel
NCC Junior Manager
0402 260 545

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