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Well it feels a little like deja vu being in lockdown again and thinking about the cricket season.

I know that it is early, but it will help with our planning if you can please give me some idea of your child’s willingness to play this upcoming season. At this stage, all that is required is a YES/NO/MAYBE, and I can then start to look at numbers and teams accordingly.

We will likely field teams across all age groups again on a Friday night (U12, U14, U16 & U18), along with weekend Super 7s and Fast 9s teams.

Remember that age group cut offs are as of September 1st, 2021. For example if your son is 12 as at 1/9/21, then he is eligible for U14. If your son is 11 as at 1/9/21 then he is eligible for U12. See BHRDCA player eligibility rules below. Feel free to contact me or any clarification.

3. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY (Age requirements)
3.1 – A male player must be less than the age limit for their team prior to 1st September preceding the start of the season.

3.2 – A female player may be up to two years older than the age limit for their team at 1st September.

3.3 – A player is to play in the youngest age group that the player is eligible to play in, unless the player’s parent or guardian has given written permission allowing the player to play in an older age group.

3.4 – The Junior Executive Committee may grant a player permission to play in a younger age group under special circumstances. This will be on a case by case situation following a written request by that players club supported by any relevant documentation, i.e. medical certification, sibling support etc.

Andrew Siebel
NCC Junior Manager
0402 260 545

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