Good morning all,

I think we are all holding our breath and keeping everything crossed that the forecast is wrong for today and the weekend. The message to everyone is that you should turn up to the ground (30mins before the start of play if possible) unless you hear otherwise.

All of the coaches and team managers have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure all teams are ready to go for Round 1. This includes 6 Friday night teams and 5 Sunday morning teams. If you have not heard from your Coach or TM, please let me know.

Fixtures are on the MyCricket app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play:

Round 1
Friday 12th November (games start 5pm sharp)
U18 vs Lilydale (away) – Lilydale Recreation Reserve, Oval 1
U16 vs Warranwood (home) – Bob Saker Oval
U14B vs Manningham (home) – Mahoneys Reserve Oval 2
U14C (combined Blackburn CC) vs Warranwood (away) – Lipscombe Park
U12B Gold vs Heathmont (home) – Mahoneys Reserve Oval 3
U12B Blue (combined EBCC) vs East Doncaster – Serpells Community Reserve, Oval 1

Sunday 14th November (games start at 9am sharp)
Fast 9s Saultry vs Blackburn Bowler (home) – Bob Saker Oval
Fast 9s Sproule vs Burwood District (away) – Hartwell Sports Ground (East)

Super 7s Joyce vs Bulleen Templestowe Blue (away) – Ted Ajani Reserve
Super 7s O’Sullivan vs East Doncaster (away) – Serpells Community Reserve, Oval 1
Super 7s Jenkin vs Yarraleen (home) – Mahoneys Reserve Oval 2

There are a handful of players yet to register, this needs to be done by 5pm today so that teams can be uploaded to MyCricket.

Follow this link:

I have attached the apparel form if you are needing to order a playing top, cap or any other merchandise. Please do so ASAP.

Andrew Siebel
NCC Junior Manager
0402 260 545


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