Responsible Serving of Alcohol

In February 2015, Nunawading CC obtained a full club liquor license. Responsibilities of members and guests in ensuring the club adheres to the conditions of the license include, but are not limited to, the following key areas:

1. Alcohol sold at the bar is not to be taken beyond the red line (the balcony)

2. Liquor not purchased at the bar is not allowed on the premises

3. Selling of take away liquor is prohibited

4. Opening hours will be no longer than:
a. Sunday 12 noon till 8 pm
b. Tuesday-Thursday, 6 pm till 10 pm
c. Friday 7 pm till midnight
d. Saturday 12 noon till midnight
e. Last drinks shall be called 30 minutes before the bar is closed and no alcohol may be consumed on the premises after this ‘grace period’

5. A key condition of the license will not cause harm to the amenity of our local area. The main ways we can ensure we comply with this is to always arrive and leave the premises quietly and to never have the noise (e.g. music) at a level where it can be heard by our neighbours

6. A booth license may operate on special events (e.g. 20/20, finals). A maximum of 4 opened drinks shall be provided per transaction. Alcohol purchased at a booth may not be taken into the clubrooms (see point 1)

7. Club members are expected to sign in guests (e.g. wives, friends etc)

8. Children are allowed on the premises if under the supervision of a responsible adult

9. The club will be in breach of our license and subject to heavy fines if we:
a. Sell liquor to intoxicated persons
b. Sell liquor to drunk persons
c. Sell liquor to anyone under 18



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