Hi all Juniors playing Seniors,

Reminder for 2nd pre-season session this Sunday (tomorrow) at Tom Kelly Athletics Track, George Street Doncaster at 1pm.

Very disappointing to have only 2 people (apart from Josh Richardson and myself) attend the fitness testing session last week. Thanks Jimmy Jessup and Scott Jackson for coming down despite the wintry conditions! These sessions are planned to help everyone get a little more out of themselves this upcoming season and will also improve your general wellbeing and prevent injuries. It also helps keep you in touch with your mates at the club, so make an effort to take an hour out of your Sunday and take advantage of some fun group training. Weather is looking good for the session too! If you are worried about not being able to do it all just come down and do what you can / walk a few laps. Better than not doing anything at all.

Fitness testing champs from week 1:

Sit and Reach – Scott Jackson + 5.5cm (Olli Jackson smashed us all though with +14)

20M sprint – Jimmy 3.0 secs

Illinois Agility – Josh 17.5 secs

Max Push Ups – Jimmy 40

Max Sit Ups in 60 secs – Josh 40

Yo-Yo Endurance Test – Jimmy Level 15.2

See you there…Rob

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