Hi Everyone

With cricket season hopefully just around the corner, it is important that we are all starting to prepare physically for the rigours of training and playing.

Every little bit we do now will give you and the club a competitive advantage over our competition. Without the traditional August/September indoor pre-season this year, you will need to ensure you are doing some prep work by yourself.

As many of you already know from the online player meeting last week, Back in Motion Physiotherapy in Mitcham has kindly offered their expertise to help us prepare for the season. They will do free health screening sessions (based on Cricket Australia program) to identify and provide you with some exercises / treatment suggestions for any areas requiring attention. I’d strongly suggest you book the free screening session as soon as possible, as you have nothing to lose and lots to gain for a 30 min investment. You may just save yourself some potential injuries that may stop you from playing or playing to your best. It might also make your life in general more comfortable if you address the some of those niggly sore spots. See details on how to book your free screening session in the Pre-Season Player’s pack attached.

Also in the Pre-Season Player’s pack is a pre-season program you can use till we get the go ahead to start training. It is a great, simple five day program to give you a kick start heading into the season. It requires little in the way of equipment so you should be able to do most of it without having to set up your own home gym! On the weights days, follow the strength programs that are attached. Any questions, please give me a call or drop me an email.

Look forward to seeing you all in person at training soon. Stay safe and get moving so you are good to go when restrictions allow us to get on the park!


Rob Ferdinands

0400 326 029

Pre-Season players pack.docx



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