Dear Nuna families,

Wow, what a weird time we have all been through since (only just) finishing the last cricket season! I want to start by saying that you can always reach out to the club if you need anything…after all that is what "community" is all about.

My name is Andrew Siebel, but most people know me as Blewey around the club. I have been a Nuna boy from about 1997/98 as a player, as a parent (Aidan U12s) and more recently a coach over the last few years. I have also been Club Secretary for the last 3 years.

At the recent NCC AGM last month, I was voted in as the new Junior Manager. I am honoured to take on this important role, although a little daunted to be following the now famous shoes of Rob Nash. Thanks so much Rob for your 7+ years of service, building the Junior program to be the envy of most clubs in the Association.

I know that Winter has only just kicked in, but without any community sport over Winter due to our friend COVID-19, we are all hanging out for cricket to start. It is inevitable that there will be some different training and playing conditions when we do get a start, but I am sure that the kids cannot wait to start playing with their friends, having fun and staying active.

David Cowell (Club President) has been busy over the last couple of months overhauling our club website, please check it out here: We will also keep you updated on club activities via our Facebook page. This is a great opportunity to find out more about and connect with our sponsors. I am in the process of preparing a pre-season survey, which will be sent out to all Junior families next week…keep an eye out for that.

Along with the obvious challenges that we have all been faced with, there will also be opportunities. The club intends to implement some exciting new initiatives this year. Apart from capitalising on a successful on-field season in 2019/20, we are committed to getting a Stage 1 girls’ team up and running. Our club coach, Robin Ferdinands is keen to support the cohort of girls already part of our Woolworths Blasters program through to Stage 1, Stage 2 and beyond. We will also be actively recruiting players to the club via school newsletters, clinics, coaching programs and targeted advertising. Please spread the word and if you have any contacts at local schools please let me know.

Lastly, I met with Cricket Victoria representatives last week and they have commended the club on its Junior Program, particularly the Woolworths Blaster program. Much of the credit must go to Claire and Daniel Smith who have coordinated this program for the last couple of years, recruited new families and created a really inclusive environment. This program is the foundation of our Junior program, so will continue to be a focus for the club. Anyway, that is enough from me for now.

Note: If you would like to be removed from this email distribution list, please let me know via return email with REMOVE in the subject line.

Blewey Siebel
0402 260 545

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