Nuna Junior News

October 2021 Edition

Club Contacts

Junior Manager – Andrew Siebel 0402 260 545

COVID-19 Officer – Rob Nash 0409 357 642
Club President – David Cowell 0438 569 822
Child Safe Officer (CSO) – Tanya Tynan 0438 018 434


NOW is the time to register for Season 2021/22 here

Let’s get ready to rumble!

OK, we have had some encouraging news from the Association aligned with the roadmap out of lockdown. It is hoped that the 70% double vax will be the trigger to start training (at least in small groups/teams). Rob Nash (COVID officer) is again working hard with the committee to ensure that we can return to training in the safest possible way. Whilst, not yet confirmed, we are hopeful that we can start training the week of 25th October with a view to Round 1 starting Friday 12th November. So, now is the time to register.

Junior online registrations are now open via this link:

If you have any concerns or questions about the registration process, please reach out via email (juniors) or phone (0402 260 545).

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