Looking forward to starting the season on Saturday and seeing more of all of you soon.

Many of us play cricket for the social side and enjoying time with our friends. In this COVID situation, we have all been constrained in our ability to do that and this will continue for those not fully vaccinated.

In following the guidelines of government and cricket governing bodies, whilst we respect each of our right to choose to be vaccinated or not, if you are not double-vaccinated, we ask that you please go home straight after your cricket commitment.

There is a requirement from tomorrow (Thursday 11/11) to scan in to the social rooms via the Service Victoria app to which, those of you who are fully vaccinated have hopefully linked to your vaccination status.

For the first few days we will check your scanning in and your vaccination status. Please do not come upstairs if you are not fully vaccinated.

Once inside, please wear a mask unless you are eating or drinking.

There will be a General Meeting tomorrow and some special announcements prior to pizza for dinner and the announcement of selected teams for Round 1.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.



David Cowell

Club President

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