Hi Everyone,

Following a BHRDCA Meeting with all Club Presidents yesterday, here is an update on where things are at with regard to the forthcoming cricket season.

  1. We will not know the parameters with regards to training and playing dates and conditions until at least the September 14 State Government announcement
  2. There will likely be a 3-4 week pre season
  3. Based on the above we will be left with a set number of days play available and from there can determine the season
  4. Based on points 1, 2 & 3 the BHRDCA Committee of Management (CoM)) will prepare a season that reflects flexibility. The CoM will also consult with 4-5 clubs as a sounding board for proposals
  5. Depending on the season structure, there may be no promotion or relegation for this season only
  6. Junior online registrations will be held as per normal to ensure clubs retain players and can accurately forecast teams for the season ahead.

Rob Nash is our COVID Officer and we will hear from him soon. Rob has attended a briefing session from Cricket Victoria and will work with the Committee to ensure we comply with all requirements.

To this end, Rob needs help both from Senior players and Junior parents as a ‘committee’ will be required to ensure we are on top of all requirements across the Club. If you can help, can you please call Rob directly or call me on 0438 569822.

As a Club, we are confident we will be ready for whenever the season starts and we are optimistic about fielding more teams than we have ever fielded before with new players coming to the club and the return of players from higher levels of cricket.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I will keep you all posted as developments unfold.


Dave Cowell

Club President

Ph: 0438 569822

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