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From: Andrew Siebel <>
Sent: Monday, 7 December 2020 2:35 PM
To: Andrew Siebel <>; Dan Smith <>; Dave Mitchell <>; David Cowell <>; Glen Mackie <>; Jean-Paul Lefebure <>; Kev Rosemeyer <>; Paddy Mitchell <>; Pat West <>; Rob Nash <>; Roger Harrison <>; Scott Millar <>; Scott Witherden <>
Subject: Fwd: NCC club kit bags

Hey guys,

Just wanting to get the word out to see who might be keen to order a new personalised Nuna kit bag.

Cardez has agreed to a minimum order of 5, with two or three of those needed for Junior kits and at least one for me, we are nearly there anyway.

JP – Could we please get something on Facebook and ask for people to get their order to me by Friday lunchtime? All we need is a name (or nickname) and number. Cost is $199.

Dave – Can we put something on the website?

I will also put an advertisement in this week’s Junior newsletter.



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