Hi all,

We have recently discovered an issue with our generic club email addresses. Any emails sent to juniors or apparel over the last 2-3 weeks have not been received.

This is obviously at the most critical time with planning for the season in full swing and new apparel orders coming in.

If you have sent an apparel order form to apparel since the start of August, can you please resend to my email (andrew.siebel.as)? We have received some of these (but not all) and can see that deposits have been made to the club account.

For all future apparel orders, please send them to me directly until we have resolved the issue with the generic addresses.

Reminder to include top and legging size for the girls and this will trigger the club subsidy.

All Kangas tops need a name (first, last or nickname) and favourite number on the back.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

See you next week at training (a reminder email will be sent later this week, including training days/times).

Andrew Siebel
NCC Junior Manager
0402 260 545

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