Hi Junior families,

As we look forward to tomorrow’s Junior Presentation, we want everyone to be assured that your health and safety continues to be of high importance. Whilst there have not been any COVID-19 community transmission cases in Victoria for a couple of weeks, we will have the following in place at tomorrow’s important celebration. These protocols are in line with current Victorian Government requirements, and have also been recommended by Cricket Victoria.

  • Signing In. Whilst many have the 1Breadcrumb app activated, we will also have QR codes visible. On entry, please either ensure your 1Breadcrumb app has accurately recorded you on site, or alternatively sign in on the QR code.
  • With a QR code in place, we are able to have 1 person per 2 sq metres. We will have signage in the club rooms (and kitchens and bathrooms), advising the maximum amount of people allowed in those areas.
  • We will also endeavour to ensure social distancing is prioritised, and take advantage of the outside areas. This includes chair placements. We ask that you do not move chairs from the places they are placed.
  • Please ensure you have a mask with you at all times, and put it on if you are unable to socially distance.
  • We will also have one entry door into the club rooms (the main door). The two sliding doors will be exit doors.
  • Food will be served on the balcony. We will have marked out ‘one way’ foot traffic. This will be coordinated with the above-mentioned entry and exit doors into the club rooms ($2 sausages +/- onions or a slice of pizza). Pizza will arrive in time for 6pm dinner. There will sausages cooked earlier for those Blasters families wanting to eat or head off earlier.
  • Those serving food, will serve you. This includes placing your food on your plate with tongs, and applying the sauce. This minimizes the amount of people touching tongs and sauce bottles.
  • We will have ample sanitiser, wipes and soap.

Our staggered approach to presentation of team awards will assist with this – however we are also confident that we can have a COVID safe event, in line with requirements.

Order of events:

4:30pm – Blasters, Stage 1 Girls, Super 7s (x4), Fast 9s

6:00pm – Break for dinner

6:20pm – Season in review & Dave Cowell Award presentation

Not before 6:30pm – U12B, U12A, U14, U16 & U18

We encourage you all to attend your child’s team awards, stay for dinner – and also stay around for the season review and the Dave Cowell award.

See you there!



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